"Steven is outstanding! He was very professional, worked quickly (which is important at weddings), but was also creative and came up with unique poses. Very reasonable prices as well! I definitely recommend him!!" - Sarah S. (Bride)

Arizona Wedding Films

We believe that the wedding is a sacred event that is very special.  Some moments are touching & sweet, others make you cry, others you shake your booty!  We shoot mostly hidden in the background and jump in when we need to capture something specific & creative.  We really believe having a camera shoved in your face all day steals away your ability to get lost in the moments and we don't want that to happen.

We also really like to focus on audio. What your close friends and family not to mention your new significant other say in the vows and toasts are a HUGE part of your story.  Its what makes wedding films so irreplaceable for capturing your wedding day.  We record audio from the ceremony and vows from a variety of sources in order to make sure your get the best quality audio possible.