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You have no doubt spent a great deal of time already thinking about your wedding.  Between looking up pictures of wedding dresses on pinterest to looking up the latest trends in colors and fabrics to centerpiece details there is a lot of creativity and decisions that go into the wedding.  Besides, how many other days in your life do you spend the whole morning getting dressed up with hair and makeup done professionally? (If your a guy you know what I’m getting at!). With the right combination of artistic expressions and experience, photography can beautifully capture those elements of the wedding that matter most to you.  It can be the difference between looking back fondly at your wedding to wondering why you look unflattering in your bridal photos.  Our wedding photography packages are made specifically to create a great photography experience and get you what you want and need from your wedding day.

We really approach it from an artistic point of view where lighting, angles, posing, and editing all come together to not only snap a moment or detail but harness the beauty and magic of it.  Your wedding means a lot to you so it means a lot to us. We take our craft seriously and have the right camera gear to make sure that we can create uninhibited. We currently shoot on Canon cameras and have a variety of lighting options with flashes, bounces, and beauty dishes to get the images we need.  While we are comfortable with artificial lighting both for artistic purposes and for challenging lighting situations, such as a dark reception, we primarily rely on natural lighting to make the images sundrenched and beautiful.

Your wedding photography is one of the few things you get to take from your wedding and besides video is the only other way to relive it.  If art moves you and your wedding delights you, trust us with your wedding photos.  You’ll be glad you did.

Please reach out to us about your wedding photography so we can get to know each other and craft a plan on how to best capture your wedding day that’s personalized to you!