When it comes to choosing a wedding filmmaker for your day the choices can be overwhelming.  Just like photography there is a variety of styles and approaches to the process that affects not only your experience with the professional but also the final product.  With video there are so many more parts to the puzzle of crafting a unique and emotional wedding film. First is the camera movement.

Camera movement is tricky due to so many right and wrongs ways to do it.  First we start by focusing on the movement being steady and smooth. There is nothing more distracting than a wobbly shot while your trying to watch the groom swing the bride around in front of a beautiful background.  Often there is a picturesque path the bride and groom walk when they are getting their couple photos. Why waste time just walking around when we can get a fun and candid video shot of them walking through the stunning wedding venue they have chosen?  Couples are often sharing a fun moment together and talking about how the day is going to it makes for very relaxed and genuine emotions. We have two ways we currently capture this smooth footage. One is a drone. If the airspace in that area permits we can fly over the bride as they pass through trees or other interesting foliage or architecture.  The second is with an advanced motor-stabilized gimbal. This helps us move fast and smoothly to capture moments as they happen as it can be challenging without the right gear to keep up with the pace of a wedding day. In addition to smooth movement we are also concerned about the right camera “motivation”. This is a term that cinematographers use to evaluate the direction, speed, and final destination of the camera.  Often less experienced cinematographers over-use movement in an effort to make shots interesting. This creates and unnatural forced shot that ends up drawing attention to the camera rather than the moment happening in front of it. Camera movement should ALWAYS compliment what action.

The second biggest part of the puzzle we focus on is audio quality.  One of the best things about video is HEARING what happened that day rather than just a freeze frame of a moment.  Could you imagine going to a major motion picture release and having the actors voices sound like garbage? It wouldn’t matter how well the graphics were the audio quality would be too distracting.  We feel the same way about your wedding. While a wedding is not the precisely controlled environment that a sound stage for a movie is we have purchased and learned how to use gear with skill that gets the best audio quality.  We put a mic on the groom for the first look to capture what he says the first time he looks on his beautiful bride. We put a mic on the groom AND have a recording feed from the sound system for the ceremony as a backup and as a second option to use whichever sounds best.  For the reception we record a feed from the sound system so that for your special dances, grand entrance, and other special reception events we have clean pristine audio.

The third biggest puzzle piece is editing.  Every editor has natural tendencies based on not only their vision both with their eyes and their mind.  We tend towards a warm moodier visual style. We believe this looks interesting and dramatic and is a step away from the overly bright style that seems to be dominant and makes your wedding stand out as being different.  Our timeline is typically chronologically in the order that it happened in the day unless a real special moment makes an out-of-order edit more impactful. Overall we let our hearts move us when we edit so that the things we feel, hear, and experience in your day spark in us a unique take on your day.  We realize this is not just “A” wedding it’s YOUR wedding and we treat it with the respect it deserves. Our music choice typically has an acoustic vibe to it both as it tends to fit the aesthetic preference of our brides but also keeps the attention on what’s happening on the screen without losing the momentum that a properly “paced” song can add.  We probably spend too much time picking out the song for your creative wedding highlights because we believe it can make or break a wedding video.

Please reach out to us so we can get to know you and determine if were a good fit so you can have the right video for your wedding day!