I'm always curious what people's passions are behind the work that they do. I'm hoping your the same way. Here's a little bit about why I do what I do and the passion behind Nomad Productions.

Hello!  My name is Steven Burkhart.  I started shooting weddings several years ago and haven't looked back.  For me it's not just a living, it's a passion and I believe that passion can be seen in my work.

If weddings films were only about capturing the day anyone could set up a camera in the back of a room and hit record.  I believe a cinematic film is about RE-LIVING your wedding day not just knowing it happened. 

I absolutely love being involved in weddings.  The fast paced atmosphere challenges me to keep pushing the limits of my film making and the satisfaction of giving my clients a wedding film that will help them re-live their wedding is rewarding. 

I look forward to meeting you!

Steven Burkhart