BTW | SHOW - Getting to know Yvonne of Enlighten Studios

Steven:  Alright we so hear all about how you nerd out on color and I'm guessing there is another issue...


Yvonne: This is an issue?  What makes you think this is an issue? (Points to coffee station)


S: No issue at all I see all kind of delicious favors here!  So you are a bit of a coffeeholic.


Y:  Yes I'm a hair dresser so it's hair and coffee.  I have sustained on just coffee on busy days and it's my happy place.  I'm not like so particular it doesn't have  to be some fruffy latte blah blah blah.  I mean that's great! Haha!


S: You need to bring in a blender for cappachinos!  That's what needs to happen.  This is actually somewhat incomplete now that I'm looking.  


Y:  Now we need like a barista!  I grew up on coffee, started drinking at the age of 5.  My grandma got me started.  Lots of cream lots of sugar.


S:  It's usually a grandma thing.


Y:  I'm not really sure what's up with that but she had a percolator one of those old school ones, I'm kinda dating myself I feel like, but it percolated and then it came out and I was all mesmerized by the whole coffee experience and it smelled amazing and I'm like "wow!"  Lots of cream lots of sugar.  I can drink it black now in a pinch cause that's how much I need the coffee.  


S: Thank you for watching this has been Yvonne with Enlighten Studios showing us around thank you so much for opening up your studio! 


Y:  Well thank you for coming! 


S:  It was my pleasure and now I need some coffee! 


Steven Burkhart is an Arizona wedding videographer that specializes in cinematic bohemian style with a modern approach.  He loves getting to know his clients on a personal level so the wedding day can be fun.  He's always looking to book fun, artistic couples!