BTW | SHOW - Enlighten Studios - Boosting Your Wedding Day Confidence With Hair/Makeup

I sat down with Yvonne of Enlighten Studios, a hair and makeup studio in Scottsdale, Arizona to talk to her about how getting your hair and makeup done professionally for your wedding can change how you experience your wedding.  



It's not so much how a person looks anyways, it's that feeling of confidence that they can get out there and walk and be like "I know that I look fantastic and I have these awesome people do all this beautiful work for me and I'm ready to do this."

And that is the best feeling that alot of brides will come and tell me, "Oh I was not as nervous as I thought I was.  I know I looked great.  Thank you so much for helping us all we all felt great we looked great and everybody told us how great we looked."  




Steven Burkhart is an Arizona wedding videographer that specializes in cinematic bohemian style with a modern approach.  He loves getting to know his clients on a personal level so the wedding day can be fun.  He's always looking to book fun, artistic couples!