BTW | SHOW - Enlighten Studios - Is It Important To Book Hair/Makeup Early?

Steven:  So let's say I'm a bride and I'm having my wedding in like a year, is it important for me to book ahead?


Yvonne:  Yes you should book ahead for sure.  100%!


S:  Why?


Y:  Because that's going to take the stress out of it.  I have a great hair dresser, I found the person I want to do my hair and my makeup or the group of people that I want to do my hair and makeup and I know I have them solidified for that.  Your good to go.


S:  So if we want you you might be busy?


Y:  Yes there's only so many weekends a year so we need to make sure.  That does happen and I feel sorry.  If you call 2 weeks out or whatever "I heard your really great and I really want you to do you hair and makeup for my wedding party."  

"Sorry I'm already booked!"   

That and it can be difficult to find a great trustworthy group of makeup artists professionals who come in and do your wedding.  



Steven Burkhart is an Arizona wedding videographer that specializes in cinematic bohemian style with a modern approach.  He loves getting to know his clients on a personal level so the wedding day can be fun.  He's always looking to book fun, artistic couples!

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