BTW | SHOW - Enlighten Studios - What you Need To Do To Prep Your Wedding Hair

Steven:  So cool so a brides book you out and they come in a sit down in this chair, so what do we do? I just want to look so pretty! Haha!


Yvonne:  I'm so excited for you haha!  Yes, so usually what I do is they will usually have Pinterest photos. I mentioned that before...


S:  Who ever uses Pinterest these day?


Y:  Yeah you know that little website.  I'll go through their Pinterest photos and usually what I do cause they usually have a whole bunch of different ones,  I'll try to pick out the feel of what is the common theme of the feel of that.  Like what's really popular right now is a lot of texture a lot of bohemian type looks.  If I see that I'm going to know they they aren't going to want you know, hair number 237 in a certain place.  They're going to want more free and open.  So great.  So awesome.  But if I see more of a classic look then I'll say "what are you thinking about this?"  So I kinda get a feel for what their looking for for that particular day.  A lot of times a brides will bring their wedding planner which is great because then I can say "Are you getting married outside?  Is your wedding reception outside?   What time of day is it going to be?  Because then I can know if it's going to be hot, all these different kind of things. Because I've had brides that get married in the summer here, which isn't usually the time brides get married here, but then they want this long flowing hair and there having their ceremony outside and I'm like "ooo maybe let's not have your hair down cause it's going to be really hot that day."   So I tend to think of those types of things cause they are looking at the look and it's going to be 115 outside so maybe no.  Also I try to find out what their dress looks like cause hair down may not look so good with this kind of dress, hair up may look better with this kind of dress, so on and so forth.  So I kinda get a feel for that.  And we talk about that a little.  Then I go through what kind of hair is like.  Is it long, is it short, do you have a lot, do you need more.  



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Steven Burkhart is an Arizona wedding videographer that specializes in cinematic bohemian style with a modern approach.  He loves getting to know his clients on a personal level so the wedding day can be fun.  He's always looking to book fun, artistic couples!

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