BTW | SHOW - Vintage Chic Rentals - Getting To Know Amanda Chernauskus

Steven:  So this is the part where we talk a little bit about you…


Amanda:  Yay!


S:  So we talked a little bit about creative side, the business side.  Um..I have a coffee problem.


A:  So do I!


S:  You do as well?


A:  I do!  I have a bad coffee problem.  


S:  Is this an every day problem? 


A:  Yes.  Every day, more than one time a day since I was a teenager.  Double espresso latte every morning.  


S:  I feel like that’s alot of caffeine…


A:  That is a lot of caffeine…I have 3 kids.


S:  Well I guess you got to keep up somehow!


A:  Yes I have to get up and make kids lunches.


S:  You gotta chase them down.


A:  Yes


S:  Speaking of food…


A:  I love to eat.  


S:  I love going out!


A:  I love going out to eat.  I love to cook too.  


S:  Oh really?  Whats your favorite dish to prepare?  Like if you make it your husband thinks, "oh my gosh this is amazing." 


A:  I make some really good pastas.  I would say one of my simple dishes, my bucatini is pretty good.  


S:  I don’t know what that is. 


A:  Its a pasta with bacon and tomatos.  It’s very simple has a little bit of spice to it, and my cabonara.  


S:  Nice!  And as far that I go eating out all the time so I’m very familiar with the restaurant situation.  So I live in phoenix, you live in chandler, so maybe there is some places that I should try in chandler.  Give me a suggestion.  


A:  I don’t eat that much in Chandler.  We tried to get out of our bubble a little when we go out.  But there are some great places, chopped is a great place to go. For steak DC steakhouse in the downtown Chandler steakhouse.  That’s really yummy.


S:  So your favorite places are more in phoenix then?  


A:  Yeah so I try to go to a bunch of different places too.  I don’t like to frequent the same place I like to get out and try some new things.  I mean I have some regular places I go to locally just to grab a pizza or whsteve.  


S:  Whats your favorite restaurant in phoenix?  


A:  Oh gosh


S:  I know this is tough!  


A:  I would say one of my best dinners I’ve ever had in phoenix was Maestro’s.  


S:  Ok I have not been there yet!


A:  Oh really?  That and flemings.  Their both kinda chain restaurants but their amazingly good.


S:  Hmmm places to try! 


A:  Yes!  


S:  I mean my favorite restaurants is Oreganos.  


A:  Oh really?  I’ve been to an Oreganos, absolutely.


S:  It’s amazing and you always leave feeling like you could float away cause of all the food.


A:  Their proportions are big.  Yeah.


S:  And so lets see here.


A:  And I love sushi too!


S:  I’m a once a month sushi.  I can’t do much more than that.  I like Sushi Brokers.  Jasmine Tokyo, have you been there?  


A:  Oh no I haven’t every tried that one.


S:  It’s a Chinese buffet but it’s like classy.  


A:  Oh where is it at?  


S:  It’s uh Scottsdale and Shea and it’s in an old Claim Jumper so it still has the fan where the belts connect them all together but their not running. They didn’t take down any decor.


A:  Oh I might have to check that out.


S:  They have sushi all the time.  Ok so we covered coffee, we covered food, is there anything else we need to know about Amanda?


A:  Well I do like reality TV.  


S:  That’s right!  


A:  Yeah it drives my husband crazy!  


S:  But it’s so bad!  


A:  That’s whats so good is that it’s bad!  It’s all these train wrecks, you just can’t look away.  


S:  So what’s your guilty pleasure on the reality TV?


A:  BRAVO!  I love all the housewives and I like southern charm too!  I did live in South Carolina for a couple of years and my youngest son was born there so there is a little bit of a connection there when I watch it.  


S:  I was always sucked into watching Jersey Shore.


A:  Oh I got suckered into watching that too.  


S:  So yeah..


A:  Did I just admit that?


S:  Yes you did actually.  


A:  I watched all seasons.


S:  Oh and The Hills


A:  Yeah I watched The Hills too.


S:  But as far as Jersey Shore (Dances around). See this move?  It’s almost the only move I have and it’s all because of Jersey shore.  Awesome well thank you so much for being on here.  


A: Yeah it was fun


S:  For sure watch episode one once it goes live.  It is absolutely insane here it’s like a showroom.  You would not believe that your in a storage unit it’s so well done.  It was a pleasure meeting with you.


A:  Yes! 


S:  And now I get to make the house drive back home.  


A:  And I got to to get a coffee!  


S:  Right?!  I had some on the way here…maybe I’ll get some on the way back!  Can’t say no to coffee cause now I’ve thought about it I’m craving it. Thank you very much!


A:  Thanks!




About Amanda:

Hi there and welcome to Vintage Chic Rentals...I am Amanda, the face behind the name!  Little bit about me, I grew up in the great state of Texas but am living life’s adventure in sunny Phoenix, Arizona with my husband, 3 children, a white Maltipoo, a Holland Lop rabbit and 2 zebra fish (and a partridge in a pear tree).  I’m an avid coffee drinker, I start every morning off with a double shot latte!  I love a good pair of high heels and an extra dirty martini add a good steak to that mix and that is my idea of a perfect date night. I have always loved decorating and entertaining, as I got older I found it to be something that I not only loved but was also very good at.  My favorite event that really started this whole endeavor was my end of the school year wine party.  My 4th year planning this I wanted to go big and rent wine barrels and some rustic decor.  Unfortunately I was only able to find one company in the Phoenix area that carried wine barrels, that’s when the light bulb went on and Vintage Chic Rentals came to fruition. All of our inventory is curated and hand picked by me.  I do like many different styles and have incorporated that into our ever evolving and growing inventory.  I search high and low to find exactly what I am looking for, even having pieces reupholstered and custom built.  I love events and making them unique, just like each and every one of our clients.  I will help you pick out the perfect pieces to make your wedding or event exactly what you are envisioning.  We can bring your Pinterest boards and pins to life.  So if you are planning an event in the Phoenix Metro area...don’t just email or call me...come see me!!  I will spend time getting to know you, your personality and your style.  Then we will pick out that perfect sweetheart table, lounge area, ceremony backdrop or dessert bar.



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