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Steven: All right so we are here in the workout room which is not only your workout video space, but just where you kind of practice what you preach right? 


Julie: Absolutely.


S: So tell us a little bit about your perspective on fitness and how that plays into a wedding. 


J: Ok well first of all, I have my degree in exercise physiology. I was a chubby girl growing up and started at 15 years old working out and wound up majoring in exercise physiology so I love it, it's my passion, I believe in it, it makes you feel better and it's really a life long journey, you shouldn't think about it just for the wedding, just saying. We want you to get there for your wedding, that's a great motivation but I also want you to learn how to maintain it and that's very doable and it's a lifestyle change it's not about "I'm going to lose 20 pounds for my wedding" and then you go on your honeymoon and you gain it all back and that was all she wrote. 


S: Cause that totally didn't happen on my wedding haha. I looked pretty good for my wedding and then like yea within a year I was like "Oh well I'm back where I started I guess". 


J: And I think that's what most people do so when you hire me you know you are going to get me to walk you through it and coach you long-term and so you asked me Steven "ok when should we start thinking about this". There's never a time that's too soon to start thinking about it, whether you have a wedding or you don't have a wedding but you got to start. So it's all about making small changes and keeping those changes instead of trying to rush and lose 20 pounds in one month, "oh my gosh, my wedding is next month how am I going to lose 20 pounds?" It's all about just slowly making changes, getting into a workout regime, really learning how to be a little bit more aware of the foods that you are eating, it's not a diet. 


S: Right. 


J: And so I can coach you on all of that.


S: For sure. Well and like one thing I noticed too that we haven't talked about yet is like people have these like over idealistic goals about where they're going to be and like addressed altering doesn't happen overnight, it takes like, as far as I understand it, weeks. So, I mean I think you would be able to really help guide people with like a realistic plan is and be able to like really help them and keep them motivated cause I mean people often eat when they are stressed and a wedding is stressful so if they have someone like you to push them and be like "no like you can do this" and I think that is helpful. 


J: Right and also becoming accountable now there's so many great apps out there; my favorite app is My Fitness Pal and just putting your food calories in it, into this app, you see and you're accountable for what you have left and so you can say to yourself "ok I have eaten all my calories for today, am I eating case I'm stressed of or am I eating because I'm really hungry" and you start looking at it a little bit differently than "oh I'm hungry I'm just going to go eat" verses "ok I ate all my calories, am I really hungry or am I stressful eating and if I'm stressful eating, what could I do different right now instead of putting food in my mouth that would make me feel better" and or you can eat, there are foods that don't have calories that you could munch on like pickles. Though pickles do have a lot of salt so we were just saying about, but that would be, so the day before your wedding you probably don't want to eat a jar of pickles right because you'll retain more fluid and maybe look a little puffy.


About Julie:

My name is Julie and I am a Branding Specialist and Spokes Person. I was born and raised in Arizona but my family roots go back to New York where my grandmother started an all woman’s department store and my grandfather was the largest dress buyer in the city. Fashion is in my blood. In addition, I struggled as a chubby girl who loved dance and baton twirling. Through my journey to become a thin dancer, I fell in love with fitness and wound up making it my degree and career. I still never lost my passion for fashion and discovered that fitness and fashion go hand and hand! When your body looks great, the clothes also look great.



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