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Steven: Maybe someone's watching this right now and you're like "I'm getting married in a week and I don't have time to like get a six pack now". What would you say to someone like that like what's some foods they can have that maybe are like slimming or at least help with like no water retention and things like that that can help maybe tighten things up for them.


J: Get rid of the carbs, get rid of the refined sugars, get rid of the pastas, get rid of the bread, and get rid of the salt, and stick with your vegetables and your protein, even get rid of the fruit. Fruit has a lot of sugar so even though we think we are eating something great, it does have a lot of great benefits to it but it also has a lot of sugar so get rid of all the sugary foods and stick with your proteins and your vegetables and you know that's something and count your calories. Calories in, calories out, I hate to say that but ten times your body weight today is the calories that you can eat to lose weight.


S: Really so low salt foods, low sugars can help be slimming I mean and like I've talked about, when I've interviewed other people it's like because you're having a photographer following you around all day getting those close ups, the eyelashes shots, the makeup shots, like different angles, even just losing a couple of water weight pounds is going to go a long way to have you know better jawlines and stuff like that.


J: Definitely helps. But not only that too, a lot of those foods can make your skin very sensitive as well so a lot of times breakouts are related to having those refined sugars tend to make you breakout so we're talking about that camera being close up to your face and having breakouts, get rid of those refined sugars.


S: Awesome. Cool. Now we are going to go check out the most ridiculous closet which is a woman's dream, not my dream, but I'm sure someone's excited, but a gargantuan amount of heels, haha, so lets go check that out and we'll learn some fashion tips.



About Julie:

My name is Julie and I am a Branding Specialist and Spokes Person. I was born and raised in Arizona but my family roots go back to New York where my grandmother started an all woman’s department store and my grandfather was the largest dress buyer in the city. Fashion is in my blood. In addition, I struggled as a chubby girl who loved dance and baton twirling. Through my journey to become a thin dancer, I fell in love with fitness and wound up making it my degree and career. I still never lost my passion for fashion and discovered that fitness and fashion go hand and hand! When your body looks great, the clothes also look great.



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