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BTW | SHOW - Lifestyle Jules - Fashion for Weddings - Final Episode

Steven: So here we are in the exquisite closet of yourself with a very small supply of heels so clearly you have quite...


Julie: A shoe problem.


S: You have a shoe problem but actually if you are a girl I don't think it's considered a problem.


J: Good I like you, I like you.


S: Right, and um, but yea so you obviously have a good taste in fashion and you have a passion for it. 


J: Yes.


S: So lets talk a little bit about how you plan out someone's fashion right cause we talked about bridesmaid's dresses the bride's dress in general, so kind of walk me through a little bit about how you plan that, how you help people work through planning out their fashion for their wedding day.


J: Okay well there's a couple things, first of all, we get in our minds what we love conceptually, what we think is amazing, but we have to remember what's going to look best for our body type and that is so important so what your think you love the look of when you see somebody in a magazine and you're like, "that's the dress I love!" does it flatter your body because if it doesn't, you don't want it because on that wedding day, you want that dress to be the most flattering, beautiful thing to your body. You want it to accentuate you, you don't want the dress to be the focus, you want you to be the focus so that is first of all really really important. So look at your body type and decided what is a great shape for you so should you be in a straight, skin tight dress or should you be in more of a Cinderella ballgown you know, do you want to be sleeveless or strapless? You know really looking at your body and deciding first and foremost, what's going to flatter it? So that's the most important thing and then secondly, is the bridesmaids dresses, that gets to be a little bit hairy sometimes, so I think the best way to make everybody happy and again to make everybody feel and look beautiful is to give the option of maybe going with one color or finding a designer that has different styles in the same fabric so that they can be similar but different and be able to again accentuate their bodies and make them feel good that day. 


S: For sure, well yea and that's one thing we're talking about earlier is that especially if you have a large bridal party where you have like 7 or 8 people, the chances of having a variety of sizes is just almost guaranteed and so when you really kind of have the ultimatum of a single style or a single dress you really have a good chance that it's going to look bad on somebody which is no fun. 


J: And yea, and you don't want to make that persons day unfun and unhappy, you want everybody to be really happy and have a really great day at your event so to find and to be able to put them in a dress that makes them feel great about themselves is so important. 


S: So then how do you work through that then? Do you have like different dress manufactures that you work with kind of on a personal basis or how is it that you work through that with people?


J: Well I think the best thing to do, because we have price ranges, everybody has their own budget is to either go to a bridal store and kind of thumb through, but you know there's so many ways now to get a great price on a dress even I believe J.Crew has wedding dresses now that on bridesmaids dresses that aren't super expensive that you can go through the catalog that way. So it really, it's tailored to that person and their budget and kind of what they're looking at but once we get to wherever it is they think they want to be, then really sorting out and going, "ok are there a few styles that would work that kind of look the same that we could get everybody to be happy with price point and everything else?"


S: Let's see here so like probably one other thing that we'd like to talk about is, it's not wedding related, but you had a friend that you ended up doing and prepping for a TEDx talk, not a small accomplishment by any means and so just walk me through just a little bit of like how you walked her through your process of whether it was consulting people right for hair and makeup and just prepping her for that large event right cause that's also kind of a once in a lifetime type deal that has a lot of pressure 


About Julie:

My name is Julie and I am a Branding Specialist and Spokes Person. I was born and raised in Arizona but my family roots go back to New York where my grandmother started an all woman’s department store and my grandfather was the largest dress buyer in the city. Fashion is in my blood. In addition, I struggled as a chubby girl who loved dance and baton twirling. Through my journey to become a thin dancer, I fell in love with fitness and wound up making it my degree and career. I still never lost my passion for fashion and discovered that fitness and fashion go hand and hand! When your body looks great, the clothes also look great. 


Steven Burkhart is an Arizona wedding videographer that specializes in cinematic bohemian style with a modern approach.  He loves getting to know his clients on a personal level so the wedding day can be fun.  He's always looking to book fun, artistic couples!

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BTW | SHOW - Vintage Chic Rentals - Full Episode

Steven:  Hello my name is Steven with behind the wedding show.

Today I'm at dominion self storage with Amanda of Vintage chic rentals and I've seen some of her stuff and it's amazing and it's setup amazing and I can't wait to show you!


S:  Hey how are you doing?


Amanda:  Hey!  Good how are you? Nice to meet you!


S:  Nice to meet you!  Tell me a little about yourself and your business.


A:  Well I'm Amanda and welcome to Vintage Chic Rentals.  This is my space.  We rent vintage furniture for weddings, events, and parties.  We do wine barrels, lounge furniture setups, sweetheart tables, cocktail lounges, cigar lounges, kind of all the fun stuff. 


S:  You had me at cigar lounge.  That's awesome!  So what got you started?


A:  I used to, well not used to but still have a wine party the last day of school every year and 3 years ago I wanted to rent a wine barrel for my party and I had a hard time finding them in the Phoenix area to rent so the lightbulb kinda went off.  I love to decorate, I love vintage, I love to have parties, this could be a good business, and it just went from there.  


S:  Right!?  And I already tried to invite myself to this wine party..


A:  Everybody does! 


S:  Aparently is ladies only!  


A:  It is ladies only haha!  It's moms last day of school.


S:  Fair enough!  And I'm not a mom yet ;). So awesome!  Well for brides specifically what do you think is the attraction to your business as far as the setup for their day? 


A:  We bring the fun unique pieces.  Kinda the "wow I love this". I try to get to know them and see what their style is and see what they're looking for and then we make suggestions based on that.  Sometimes they know what they want.


S:  So you have quite the inventory so let's go ahead and show off some stuff in here.  


A:  Perfect!


S:  So we have a lot of things going on in here and the first thing I noticed is just how organized everything is!  You have chair up here (hanging on the wall) this is like a showroom!  


A:  Haha yes I try to make it as spaced as I possibly can for people to come in and get a better idea than just looking at a bunch of stuff.


S:  No that's fantastic there's all this room for walking around and like seeing stuff.  It looks amazing in here!  So tell me a little about how these pieces got to where they are cause not all of them started this way.  Like I'm assuming this [chair] was not gold when you bought it. 


A:  No!  


S:  So tell me a little about your process of the furniture and how it got here.  


A:  Ok so I definitely have the eye to see the potential in something and my pieces are all unique and they are unique for a reason because they're one of a kind.  So I can picture a couch and I can have an idea of what colors I'm looking for and what I want to add next and what I think might be a good renter.  From there I find the piece and I kinda go look around look at some fabric, look at some paint, and put it all together.  


S:  So they are more than just unique they are handcrafted! 


A:  They are hand-crafted yes!  They are personally designed by me!


S:  They are!  And that's your unique touch!  They are not pieces you can find everywhere.  Some people think all vintage stuff looks this good when you get it.


A:  No it's not.  It's definitely been revamped to look a little more modern and chic but it still has that classic feel to it.  


S:  Awesome.  Well I definitely want to see some of your most popular pieces.  And I believe is these chairs over here.


A:  These chairs are very popular, these are our "Will & Kate" chairs.  I bought these in downtown LA on a shopping trip.  I do travel around to find pieces.   I go everywhere!  I've gone to Texas, I've gone to California, I cruise auctions, estate sales, everywhere.  But these from downtown LA and are very very fun pieces. A lot of people like those.  


S:  Are those diamonds?


A:  The are crystals!  They are definitely embellished very well.  They are beautiful sweetheart table chairs.  They have been used a couple times for baby showers for the mom-to-be to sit and open her presents.  


S:  Well their very real so I would imagine any situation where you would want to look like a queen, that is a pretty good choice.  


A:  If you want to emulate Will & Kate!  


S:  Alright so what do we have on this side? 


A:  These are Harry & Whinston chairs.  They are our vintage leather wingbacks and they are great for cigar bars.  Usually when the groom come to help pick something out, which isn't very often, their eyes almost always think "cigar bar, high backs, wingbacks, and they recline!  


S:  Ooo that's nice!  


A:  Yes!  Which I had a couple of brides request do not like them recline at the wedding.  


S:  Fair enough!  And not all venues have great seating for the getting ready area.  These are amazing for getting good pictures.  I mean lets be honest people really care about their pictures so if your a groom and you want to look awesome that's a pretty sick chair to be in.  In fact, I'm going to give it a little tester here.  Yes, I do feel like a king!


Ok, so far we've seen two unique pieces so far for the cigar bar, tell me about this couch and how it started and how it looks so dang cool now.  


A:  This is Annabelle and this is one of my personal favorite pieces.  She started out as a horsehair gold with a honey brown wood.  She was on a sidewalk sale in the melrose district in downtown Phoenix by 7th ave.  I saw those her character, the wood carvings, the size, just all the details on her were gorgeous, but she had to be redone.  She needed some love and updating for sure.  


S:  Anything color that starts with "horsehair" needs to be fixed.


A:  Yeah it was bad, it was pretty bad but now we stripped her down I have a girlfriend that sometimes helps me and I sanded her, painted her, used some awesome fabric.  It took maybe 2 months and it turned out beautiful!  


S:  For sure!


A:  She's definitely a favorite and is very versatile.  Classic, vintage, romantic.


S:  Yeah the detail work in the wood is amazing.


So something I've been noticing is that you have names for all your furniture? 


A:  Yeah I do have names for all my furniture.  


S:  So what inspires these names?  


A:  You know I try to do more vintage older names, obviously, but kinda the character of them like if their a very romantic name I look at the look and the feel of them the style.  Some of them are definately family names. I have definately gone through the list of grandparents, great grandparents, siblings, daughters, friends.  Very special pieces have very special names.  


S:  Nice!  That's neat.  I was trying to figure out if that's like I was just not aware of some brands or if you had actually named them.  


A:  I do an you know it makes it a lot easier cause obviously you can see I have 4 beige couches.  So if someone calls me and asks how much for the beige couch on this day, instead of trying to figure out which one they are talking about we name them and it makes it a lot easier.  A lot easier for everybody.  


S:  So this is one of a couple spaces you have.   Let's check out some of the other stuff you got.  


A:  Let's go over there!


S:  So in here you have a bunch of different pieces with a little bit of a different aesthetic than we saw in the other room so tell me what's going on in here.


A:  This is more "chic" line as I would say.  There was more vintage here's more chic a little bit more modern to have an appeal to a wider audience.  The mixing of vintage and glam is very big right now so maybe taking a big gorgeous couch and putting an oldchippy trunk in front of it or flanking it with barrels is big so a wide range of variety.  


S:  I think the last question I have for you is let's say for example a bride is interested in hiring you, so tell me very briefly the process you walk through with them.  So probably by the time they get with you they've got some details worked out for their wedding, so how do you guide them through the rest of the process? 


A:  I always prefer for them to come in-person.  I do have some that just look online but I like them to come in person, get to know them, maybe even send me a Pinterest page or some ideas they've seen online of what they want or their reception or where I helping them with.  [I see] Their colors, what the venue is like, and I pull certain stuff together.  You can pull pieces out obviously as you can see.  I'll pull pieces out and have some samples of what I might think they would like or what they have already asked to look at.  And just go from there.  We'll talk about budget and what they are looking for.  


S:  Sounds pretty simple to me.  Thank you so much for sharing!


A:  Thank you for coming!


S:   It was great to get an understanding of setting up things for your wedding and I certainly learned something new.  


Thank you for watching and good luck planning your wedding!  


For more into about Amanda and Vintage Chic Rentals visit



Steven Burkhart is an Arizona wedding videographer that specializes in cinematic bohemian style with a modern approach.  He loves getting to know his clients on a personal level so the wedding day can be fun.  He's always looking to book fun, artistic couples!

See more if his work at