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Steven: All right so we are here in your office where the cool work gets done right?


Julie: That's right. 


S: So just tell me a little bit about like we talked a little bit about style, we talked about kind of how you guide and develop a plan for people in general but specifically for this show brides and grooms. So if you could go in a little bit about maybe what you do for the beauty and the planning for them.


J: Right so I mean there is a lot of things that go into planning for your big day. You want your skin to look great, you want your hair to look great. So what I can help you with is kind of point you in the right direction as to what kind of help your skin needs, if its just basic facials, if you are looking to do something a little bit more, more med spa like I have connections with pretty much everyone in town and can kind of direct you to the right person for you and in your budget as well and then of course to planning out you know your hair. If you are looking for a long hair do and your hair is short, we have to look at "Ok how are we going to get to this place? What's the best way to go about it?" and even hair extensions now are so readily available and really you can get hair extensions that clip in and they are great quality for $100 or you can go all the way to $1000 you know extensions that are long term and we can kind of play with that and figure out and really develop a great plan as to how to get you beautiful on your wedding day. 


S: Right, and one thing that we had talked about too is you know everyone has like a different you know personality and vibe in themselves so you are hopefully able to pick that up and then be able to really connect them with someone who's really going to fit in with that right? Because like we had talked about you know Sparkle Bar is very feminine but is also very hip and cool and fun and their personalities are fantastic there and so maybe that kind of bride would fit is really good there but another one wouldn't. 


J: Right.


S: Right. And you are able to help them guide them through that like "no maybe you should go here". It's not cause they're better or worse. 


J: That's right, it might be different right and I do and I know so many people and I can kind of put you with a different person depending on your personality and know kind of what you are looking for. If I have a bride who's never worn makeup before and is going to wear makeup for their wedding only, they are not going to want some made over really dramatic look, they're going to want something a little bit more subtle and so I wouldn't direct them to somebody who loves to do the dramatic and I love dramatic so for me, sign me up, the cooler, the funkier the better, but I'm not going to send that person who's never worn makeup before to that girl. 


S: So really for the people going to you or someone like you, they are saving a ton of time and they are also kind of not like guaranteed but more guaranteed a better experience. 


J: Oh for sure, you are not going to have any fails because I have already basically done the pre-work for you so I know that this person is going to give you exactly what she said she is going to give you at the price that you want to pay and so it's a total win for both, for me, for the artist doing the work on you, and for you of course. 


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