What Does Wedding "Cinematography" Mean?

Photo cred: Ily Grantham Photography

Photo cred: Ily Grantham Photography


Do you remember the first time you sat in a movie theater?  Do you remember the first time a movie made you feel something so deeply and so real that it made your heart race?  


I I remember when I first watched the original Star Wars trilogy. I was sitting in my dads lap staring wide-eyed as Luke Skywalker was learning to use the force. My dad would laugh and keep unclenching my hands which seemed to ball up into fists unconciencely. I remember feeling his sadness as the orchestra played as just after his family was killed and he was yearning to join the rebellion. 


What else but motion pictures makes us feel so intensely, so passionately? The art of making motion pictures, the very definition of cinematography. Or my twist, the art of MOVING pictures.   

We don't make films that are recordings of your wedding day...we make moving films of your wedding day. Films that will make you laugh, cry, and love for years to come. Don't let the years erase the memories of your wedding day.


If you want more information about the Nomad Productions experience or want to schedule a consultation for a wedding film please visit the contacts page and fill out the form and I will get back to you as soon as I can!  

All the best, 

Steven Burkhart