The Art of The Story

When you write a story you use nouns, adjectives, adverbs. I did not do well in grammar. I couldn't label a sentence to save my life. But I could write a mean sentence because I read a ton. I had seen the right way to write over and over and over again so I could do it without thinking about sentence structure. Boring part over. 


I explain all that to say that there is an art to storytelling with a camera.  In my previous post HERE I talked about how cinema was moving pictures. That motion tells a story! It's not verbs and adjectives its the colors, the composition, the lighting, the exposure, the music, they all say something about your wedding!  Sticking a camera on a tripod is NOT how cinema is made. It's made by many creative and artistic choices.  That's why I spend hours looking at films and photos and deconstruct how they made them so I can always be building the craftsmanship of my wedding films. 

Who you hire will drastically affect your wedding film.  

I absolutely love the bohemian wedding style, but some weddings don't tell that story. I make sure that the decisions I make in how I shoot and edit tell YOUR story, not mine.   So if you need a storyteller...please go to the contact page and send me your information so we can connect and schedule a consultation! It would be my pleasure to create a wedding film just for you. 


Now I want to hear from you. Tell me about a book made movie and how they made the story come to life on screen!  Thanks!