Mother/Son Dance - Our Top 10 Untraditional (and some traditional) Song Choices for your

Hey there! So excited your checking out this article on our favorite picks for the top 10 mother/son dance songs for 2019 for your wedding.  

We all know that all the formal dances can be at times awkward depending on how long the song goes and if it is an  appropriate song for the moment.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard some love song for the dance that’s just a little too graphic and ends up being awkward for everyone!  We want to help you avoid that at all costs so here is our top 10 picks for mother son dances for your wedding! On top of that we set these songs up on a link that will open them in your favorite player so you can save them for reviewing later!

10 - Rascal Flats | My Wish

This song is a VERY popular and has been for some time.  It has some beautiful lines in it that will get the tears going for everyone at your wedding!  On top of that it isn’t a love song between a couple so it’s not weird at all!

09 - Kenny Cheney | Don’t Blink

Shocker another country song.  Don’t worry there isn’t any more haha!  This one is a great emotional piece about how fast life moves and before you know it your older and a lot of life has happened.  A great time to look back and cherish the times you two have shared as mother and son and a great call to live in the present moment.  

08 - Edwin McCain | Letter To My Mother

07- Boz II Men | A Song For Mama

This is another classic that I hear here and there but not overplayed.  It is specifically written form a son to a mother so no weirdness and nothing but meaningful words!  

06 - Backstreet Boys | Perfect Fan

05 - John Mayer | Wheel

This one is very honest and introspective about changes in seasons in our lives but I think it’s a real tear jerker!  

04 - Meghan Trainor | Mom

This song is super fun and upbeat!

03- Ellie Goulding | How Long Will I Love You

This one is actually really touching and Ellie’s voice with some can you go wrong?  

02 - Martin Garrix | Ocean

This is a new top hit that I think you’ll enjoy.  Definitely not a traditional choice!

01 - Iron & Wine | Time After Time Cover

This cover is deliciously hipster and to be honest really beautiful.  I have a very special place in my heart for acoustic music and this singer songwriter version is very posterful and sure to get some tears.  

In all honesty I thought it would be much cooler to do a “top 12” picks but honestly is was so hard to come up with 10 due to either random lines in the song that made it weird or just too many from back-in-the-day, or country (no offense).  Hopefully this guide helps you pick out some more recent songs that still touch your heart!