Warehouse 215 | Meet Riette and the venue of your wedding dreams!

We all know how hot it gets in Phoenix Arizona in the summer! Rather than torture ourselves with outdoor weddings wouldn’t it be so much more pleasant to have a stunning, cool, well lit venue for your wedding? In this touring interview check out the beautiful spaces of Warehouse 215 and imagine your wedding there!

3 Things To Avoid When Choosing A Wedding Cinematographer

1.  Shaky Footage

Imagine your sitting in your living room couch. Air is on cold, your sitting closely with your new spouse, and you have a drink in your hand and your ready to watch your wedding film.  You hit play on the DVD menu and then it happens....your guests are shaking, your ceremony is shaking, the lady doing makeup while your getting ready is shaking.

Have you ever seen Cloverfield? Yeah like that. Stomachs churning, head spinning, yuk. That's one thing I recommend looking for when your searching for a quality wedding cinematographer. Camera movement is great but shaking is a whole other story. 

2.  Bad Soundtrack

If you have ever watched a scary movie that was so intense that left you on the edge of your seat? Now imagine matching that same scary movie but with the Barney theme song.  Not quite the same experience!  

Typically we try to go for more of a singer/songwriter approach that creates a very casual laid-back vibe to the wedding. It tends to be very romantic and touching. Not all weddings call for that style so you want to make sure that the cinematographer either will pick something that complements your style or they already have that style built into their work. 

3.  Bad Audio

This is one of the hardest things about getting a wedding film correct. It's something that will separate a lot of wedding filmmakers. Audio is a huge foundation of a good film and you're going to want to talk to your potential wedding cinematographer to make sure that he has enough audio gear to be flexible during the wedding day.  The audio, after all, is the whole reason why you get a wedding film so you can hear the vows, the toasts, and any other behind the scenes discussions and well wishes. 


If you have any questions on good questions about a potential wedding cinematographer, or if your curious on how we approach quality crafted wedding films, whether here in Phoenix Arizona or abroad, please fill out the form in the contact page and I'll answer as soon as I can!  Thanks :) 



Save the Drama For Your Momma (Please Don't!)

I believe there is are a couple events in life that really define and reveal your friendships. One thing that always seems to happen with the stress of the wedding is tensions between mom and daughter and daughter and bridesmaids. It seems to be somewhat of an inevitable conflict. One thing that we forget though during the stress of the wedding is that all these people are to be friends with us afterwards. Yes the wedding is about you, yes the wedding is incredibly important, yes this is one of the biggest days of your life, but at what point is having an amazing day more important than your family and friends?

One thing that I realized after getting married is not much changes in your life after the wedding except that you now have someone to experience lif with him. Your dreams will remain the same, your hobbies will stay the same, and the friendships you have between people in your family will remain the same as well. I don't claim to be a relationship guru but one thing to keep in the forefront of your mind when planning your wedding is maintaining the integrity of the relationships around you no matter how stressful it may be!  

Good luck on all your wedding planning!

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What's YOUR Favorite Movie of 2015 So Far?

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