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3 Things To Avoid When Choosing A Wedding Cinematographer

1.  Shaky Footage

Imagine your sitting in your living room couch. Air is on cold, your sitting closely with your new spouse, and you have a drink in your hand and your ready to watch your wedding film.  You hit play on the DVD menu and then it happens....your guests are shaking, your ceremony is shaking, the lady doing makeup while your getting ready is shaking.

Have you ever seen Cloverfield? Yeah like that. Stomachs churning, head spinning, yuk. That's one thing I recommend looking for when your searching for a quality wedding cinematographer. Camera movement is great but shaking is a whole other story. 

2.  Bad Soundtrack

If you have ever watched a scary movie that was so intense that left you on the edge of your seat? Now imagine matching that same scary movie but with the Barney theme song.  Not quite the same experience!  

Typically we try to go for more of a singer/songwriter approach that creates a very casual laid-back vibe to the wedding. It tends to be very romantic and touching. Not all weddings call for that style so you want to make sure that the cinematographer either will pick something that complements your style or they already have that style built into their work. 

3.  Bad Audio

This is one of the hardest things about getting a wedding film correct. It's something that will separate a lot of wedding filmmakers. Audio is a huge foundation of a good film and you're going to want to talk to your potential wedding cinematographer to make sure that he has enough audio gear to be flexible during the wedding day.  The audio, after all, is the whole reason why you get a wedding film so you can hear the vows, the toasts, and any other behind the scenes discussions and well wishes. 


If you have any questions on good questions about a potential wedding cinematographer, or if your curious on how we approach quality crafted wedding films, whether here in Phoenix Arizona or abroad, please fill out the form in the contact page and I'll answer as soon as I can!  Thanks :) 



Photo cred.  Ily Grantham Photography   

Save the Drama For Your Momma (Please Don't!)

I believe there is are a couple events in life that really define and reveal your friendships. One thing that always seems to happen with the stress of the wedding is tensions between mom and daughter and daughter and bridesmaids. It seems to be somewhat of an inevitable conflict. One thing that we forget though during the stress of the wedding is that all these people are to be friends with us afterwards. Yes the wedding is about you, yes the wedding is incredibly important, yes this is one of the biggest days of your life, but at what point is having an amazing day more important than your family and friends?

One thing that I realized after getting married is not much changes in your life after the wedding except that you now have someone to experience lif with him. Your dreams will remain the same, your hobbies will stay the same, and the friendships you have between people in your family will remain the same as well. I don't claim to be a relationship guru but one thing to keep in the forefront of your mind when planning your wedding is maintaining the integrity of the relationships around you no matter how stressful it may be!  

Good luck on all your wedding planning!

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One Truth About Every Wedding

I remember back when I went to college. I was getting my AA in audio productions. Nearly every night was spent way past 1 am by myself in my families large leather couch with a Xbox headset strapped to me playing HALO.  I would get up in the morning barely putting on matching clothes and drive to school. I would crank up the radio...and then I was there!  Mind you I did not teleport. I just don't remember any of the drive. Scary right!?

Clearly I was conscience and awake or I couldn't have made it there. My sleep deprivation did hold me back from fully experiencing my drive to school though. 


In a very similar way all weddings have this hidden factor that prevents them from experiencing and remembering all of their wedding day...being busy! Your day is filled with emotions, decisions, and events. Usually it's been preceded by days and weeks of setup and work leading up to it. I know the 2 weeks leading up to my wedding were insanely busy. I certainly didn't remember everything during my wedding day.  I was SO glad we had a wedding film to remember it all!  Now we can remember my hilarious vows for all time. haha! 

Just like my sleep deprived drives to school, don't allow the busyness of your wedding day to dictate how much you remember!  Be sure to check out our wedding films and see if your a good fit for your wedding. If so head over to the contact page and send me an email so we can schedule a consultation. Thanks! 


What's YOUR Favorite Movie of 2015 So Far?

I would love to hear from all of you!  What's been your favorite movie so far this year?  And what is one film your looking forward to most in fall?  


Thanks for participating!  


The Only Things You Take Away From Your Wedding

You've been dreaming about this moment your whole life. Quite honestly one of the biggest decisions you'll ever look into your future spouse's eyes and pledge your undying love for them. Tears roll down your face. You turn and walk down the aisle, husband and wife. You do your dance, quickly eat, try and thank everyone, try and dance some more. Cake, tosses, toasts, last dance, leave. Wow! Four hours later and it's all over. Hours of planning, decisions, purchases, sweet tears and arguments and it's over!  Now imagine your sitting in your new house with your spouse. What do you have to remember that day? What did you take away? 

Gifts?  Check.  

Cake top?  Check.  

Pictures?  Check.  


Now think of a conversation you had a day you remember everything you said?  Do you remember everything they said?  Now try a week from now. Now try a month from now.

I don't remember what I had for breakfast yesterday, but I do have a wedding film that I can pop in at any time and hear my wife and I's vows. So what can you take home with you?  How about the most precious thing about life itself, unforgettable memories


If you want to keep those memories forever please stop by the contacts page and fill out the form so I can contact you and we can do a wedding film consultation.  



The Art of The Story

When you write a story you use nouns, adjectives, adverbs. I did not do well in grammar. I couldn't label a sentence to save my life. But I could write a mean sentence because I read a ton. I had seen the right way to write over and over and over again so I could do it without thinking about sentence structure. Boring part over. 


I explain all that to say that there is an art to storytelling with a camera.  In my previous post HERE I talked about how cinema was moving pictures. That motion tells a story! It's not verbs and adjectives its the colors, the composition, the lighting, the exposure, the music, they all say something about your wedding!  Sticking a camera on a tripod is NOT how cinema is made. It's made by many creative and artistic choices.  That's why I spend hours looking at films and photos and deconstruct how they made them so I can always be building the craftsmanship of my wedding films. 

Who you hire will drastically affect your wedding film.  

I absolutely love the bohemian wedding style, but some weddings don't tell that story. I make sure that the decisions I make in how I shoot and edit tell YOUR story, not mine.   So if you need a storyteller...please go to the contact page and send me your information so we can connect and schedule a consultation! It would be my pleasure to create a wedding film just for you. 


Now I want to hear from you. Tell me about a book made movie and how they made the story come to life on screen!  Thanks!


What Does Wedding "Cinematography" Mean?

Photo cred: Ily Grantham Photography

Photo cred: Ily Grantham Photography


Do you remember the first time you sat in a movie theater?  Do you remember the first time a movie made you feel something so deeply and so real that it made your heart race?  


I I remember when I first watched the original Star Wars trilogy. I was sitting in my dads lap staring wide-eyed as Luke Skywalker was learning to use the force. My dad would laugh and keep unclenching my hands which seemed to ball up into fists unconciencely. I remember feeling his sadness as the orchestra played as just after his family was killed and he was yearning to join the rebellion. 


What else but motion pictures makes us feel so intensely, so passionately? The art of making motion pictures, the very definition of cinematography. Or my twist, the art of MOVING pictures.   

We don't make films that are recordings of your wedding day...we make moving films of your wedding day. Films that will make you laugh, cry, and love for years to come. Don't let the years erase the memories of your wedding day.


If you want more information about the Nomad Productions experience or want to schedule a consultation for a wedding film please visit the contacts page and fill out the form and I will get back to you as soon as I can!  

All the best, 

Steven Burkhart

3 Reasons Why We Shoot Weddings with Dslr Cameras

There is a myth that goes back farther than I've been alive that bigger is better, more expensive, and higher quality.  

Nothing could be further from the truth.  

Not to say there isn't good equipment thats big but from our cell phones to personal computers everything is getting more compact AND more powerful. 


Same with digital cameras. Something that used to only take photographs now shoots video at qualities only the biggest budgets could afford. And let's be honest, unless your universal studios, it didn't look that great. 


3 Reasons we shoot with dslrs 

1). Bigger sensors = shallow depth of field

Simply said, very little is in focus. This is most useful on close-ups and it keeps us looking at what's most important in the image which is what's in focus.  This approach is very cinematic. 

The details are the emphasis of this shot. The bride on the background keeps the image interesting.  

The details are the emphasis of this shot. The bride on the background keeps the image interesting.  

2).  Removable lenses. 

Cinematographers for major motion picture know that picking the right lens for the right moment changes the dynamic of a shot.  It can help or hinder telling the story.

Picking a wide-angle lens gives more space in a shot. This can make a small space seem bigger or just show more of a scene such as a large ballroom or huge landscape for couple shots for a wedding.  Tight lenses help us focus on specific items whether it be a wedding ring, face, or invitations.  Choosing the right lens is very important to telling your story in a interesting way! 

Example of a wider-angle lens of the groom getting ready. Shows off the setting.  

Example of a wider-angle lens of the groom getting ready. Shows off the setting.  

3).  Smooth cinematic images. 

When I first sat down to figure out what kind of images we were looking for one major difference between camcorders and the dslrs was the difference in sharpness. Although the camcorders seemed sharper, they gave it a "video" look similar to what you get with a "home" movie. There is nothing inherently wrong with that, but We wanted the images to be more cinematic like the major motion pictures.  We noticed that with our cameras though the images were sharp, they were not harsh. We calibrated our camera settings and post-production to create what we believe is an amazing looking image. 



Sharp but not harsh!  

Sharp but not harsh!  

  Be sure to check our films on the website. Although we shoot wedding films here in sunny Arizona, we are always looking for an opportunity to do destination weddings as well!  

 Thank you for reading!