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One Truth About Every Wedding

I remember back when I went to college. I was getting my AA in audio productions. Nearly every night was spent way past 1 am by myself in my families large leather couch with a Xbox headset strapped to me playing HALO.  I would get up in the morning barely putting on matching clothes and drive to school. I would crank up the radio...and then I was there!  Mind you I did not teleport. I just don't remember any of the drive. Scary right!?

Clearly I was conscience and awake or I couldn't have made it there. My sleep deprivation did hold me back from fully experiencing my drive to school though. 


In a very similar way all weddings have this hidden factor that prevents them from experiencing and remembering all of their wedding day...being busy! Your day is filled with emotions, decisions, and events. Usually it's been preceded by days and weeks of setup and work leading up to it. I know the 2 weeks leading up to my wedding were insanely busy. I certainly didn't remember everything during my wedding day.  I was SO glad we had a wedding film to remember it all!  Now we can remember my hilarious vows for all time. haha! 

Just like my sleep deprived drives to school, don't allow the busyness of your wedding day to dictate how much you remember!  Be sure to check out our wedding films and see if your a good fit for your wedding. If so head over to the contact page and send me an email so we can schedule a consultation. Thanks! 


Tariq + Christine - Teaser Trailer Film


These were words of the maid-of-honor when they finished lacing up the wedding dress. 

As I'm editing the rest of this video (they purchased a full-length feature as well), its so amazing to me that Christine gets to keep these memories forever.  She gets more than just a picture of her maids making sure she looks beautiful, she also gets to hear the squeals of joy and the laughter.  

This film is a collection of shots to music from the whole day so whether you were there or absent, you get a glimpse, a memory, a story

From my editing station to your device, enjoy!