Nomad Productions is a boutique wedding photo and video studio that works with our couples to create exceptional images. We are excited that your considering us for your wedding because care so much about the quality of our product and the happiness of our clients. We are extremely passionate about our craft and always looks forward to handcrafting beautiful wedding films. If your curious what to do next please swing by our wedding films page and check out other wedding films we have made so you know what to expect! We have a variety of wedding video packages that both make it easy to pick as well as open up options to customize it exactly for what works for you! We believe our clients needs come first so we make sure we keep things open for your creative needs.

Often brides come to us because someone has told them that a wedding video is a must for them. Although it may seem hard to justify after looking at all the other vendors and venues that require a piece of your budget, it is incredibly important to realize that not only is the wedding video one of the few things you will take away from your wedding (besides the photos and the top of the cake) but there are quite a few things that you will loose forever. One is the toasts. Let be honest, how often do people stand up and embarrass/declare your personal qualities and adventures through life? How often does your father or best friend get a chance to pour out their heart on how much you have meant to them and how happy they are for you? Don’t leave those for just a photo.

Also consider the ceremony. Often you have written your own vows to express not only your deepest feelings but what you truly want for your relationship. Is a picture of that cool? Of course! But how will you remember HOW they said it to you? How will you remember which parts their cried during? Relive those memories forever with a wedding video!

There are so many more examples such as first looks, first dances, and other special moments throughout a wedding day that cannot be completely captured in photographs. To really relive those moments with beautiful music, audio, and motion, you have to hire a wedding videographer.

We respect that gravity of the job we have and do everything we can to make sure every moment is beautifully, cinematically handcrafted so you can relieve your wedding day over and over for years to come