When you think of the vast choices you have to make for your wedding and especially when it comes down to how the story of your wedding is going to be remembered it can be overwhelming.  We totally get it. We’ve shot a ton of weddings and learned from each and every bride what works and what doesn’t. We have come away with a body of knowledge on how to best shoot your wedding whether photos or films.  

I’m sure with each vendor hire and each decision you make you’ll find yourself wondering if you made the right choice.  We will help you make the right decision!

When it comes to wedding photography or cinematic videos the first step is determining your style.  Do you want warm and intimate? Do you want classic and timeless?  What about light and airy? We do our best to make your specific wedding shines but we tend to really shine with bohemian and carefree brides that have a strong creative aesthetic.  We lean towards warm colors, intimate moments, and moody lighting that creates mystery and intrigue. Our camera movements are smooth and cinematic and our lightings are natural looking.

The second largest decision that can separate amateur video from professional is audio. Could you imagine going to see a movie and the actor's voices sounded like they were recorded in a tin can? No matter how good the plot is, how great the special effects were, if the audio is recorded poorly you would not think that movie was professionally made. we give that same level of attention and concern to the audio that we get at our weddings. There are many factors that can affect the quality of the recording such as whether it's inside or outside, if it's windy, and the quality of the DJ's gear and that's precisely why we take as many precautions as possible to make sure that the audio is of high quality and is reliably captured for your timeless memories.

Music is the last ingrate factor in deciding what kind of vibe you want for your wedding video. We take a lot of factors in such as the music that you played for your dances, the music you played for your cocktail hour, and the general vibe of your wedding. If your wedding was upbeat and fun we do not pick some more music. If your wedding was regal and timeless we don't pick electronic music. We do however have a style that we tend to choose because of what our couples want which is cinematic acoustic intimate music that not only brings out the energy of your wedding but also gives it a romance and warm-ness which is reflected in all the other character qualities that we want to see visually in our films.

We steer clear of cliche and hokie editing styles and focus more on letting the way we shot and the moments that unfold take place in a natural way that keeps people interested and shows off your wedding in a beautiful way.

One of the less glamorous parts, but no less important, of your decision will be how your experience with our business itself goes. We pride ourselves and being prompt, clear in our communication, and timely in our delivery of our films and photos. We believe that despite how good we shoot if your experience with our business is dysfunctional and doesn't serve your needs well we have ultimately failed. We take great care in understanding what you need from us and delivering on those needs and the timely manner and a professional way and with all the joy that comes with us doing what we love. We are five star rated company on WeddingWire in intend on keeping it that way.

We hope that if you read through this and if you see yourself  being an ideal couple for our wedding films and photos please contact us because we would really love to make your wedding day last forever.